Moreland City Soul Revue 

The Moreland City Soul Revue (MCSR) was conceived when founding members Jed Pickett (guitar) and Adrian Whitehead (Hammond organ) attended a protest rally at Trades Hall, and had the sudden realisation that the way to reach the masses was not through marching, but music. Applying the maxim ‘charity begins at home’ to protest, they investigated the local council, and discovered that they “needn’t worry about Moreland City, they know what they’re doing.” Using this for inspiration, they started the search for other musicians who would share their passion for accountability at all levels of government, similar to that they had found in their local area.

Their first port of call was the rhythm section Brothers, Tim (bass) and Sam (drums), who were quick to jump on board. They enlisted Jacob Cole (guitar). These three newcomers were excited about the potential of this group in promoting the community spirit that their council embodies.

What started out as a protest band, a vehicle to voice their concerns with the global political climate, took an interesting twist when they approached former Pornland front man and vocalist Slatty D, who pointed out “The people don’t want to hear about our disillusionment with the inadequacies of government, local or otherwise. What they really need is soul.” The MCSR was born!

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Moreland city soul revue (featuring Mia Dyson)

Moreland city soul revue (featuring Liz Stringer)

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MCSR - Live at the Union